Sangria Recipe



Sangria is a perfect cocktail year round.

Bring ours (and your) favorite sangria to your holiday event.  To make our Pintxo Sangria you’ll need 2 days, red wine, dry vermouth, oranges, rosemary and cinnamon.





Shopping List:

Inexpensive Spanish Red Wine. We love Flaco Tempranillo (under $8) available at The Paris-Madrid Grocery in Pike Place market

Spanish Dry Vermouth. We love the Yzaguirre Spanish Vermouth available at local high-end groceries and the Paris-Madrid Grocery.

1 medium orange, cut into slices.

1 cinnamon stick +  more for garnish

Simple syrup (equal parts hot water and granulated sugar)

Fresh rosemary Sprigs for garnish


Pour 1 bottle of wine, 4 oz of Vermouth, 1 and 1/4 oz of simple syrup, orange slices and 1 cinnamon stick into air tight container. Set in refridgator for 2 days before imbibing.

Pour over ice. Garnish with fresh cut oranges and a sprig of rosemary (pro tip: slap the sprig of rosemary between your hands before using as garnish. The pressure opens up the herb and releases the oils).

What to do with the rest of the dry vermouth? Drink it! Pour 3 oz over ice with a orange peel and a spring of rosemary + a splash of soda water. Or garnish with a thyme and a few crushed cranberries and fresh orange slices + a splash of cava or sparkling wine. What to eat with your Vermouth? Anything Spanish – olives, almonds, jamon, chorizo, canned fish, aioli and bread…