We’re Growing!

We’re Growing! We are excited to announce that our small but mighty restaurant is growing. We are planning a new project in our beloved Belltown neighborhood, not far from our current location. As of late Spring/Summer 2017, Pintxo will have a new address in Belltown.

We’ve spent the last 7 years loving and growing this business and we are thrilled to be moving into a space featuring: more seating while maintaining the intimacy of our original location; security for the future of our restaurant with a long-term lease and a local and active landlord; a bigger kitchen; room for a full-time charcuterie station; the ability to take large party reservations; and most importantly, air-conditioning.

With the expansion of our restaurant comes an opportunity to for you to invest in the future of Pintxo.


For a limited time, we will be offering gift cards with the exclusive opportunity to get more for bang for your dollar.


The cards can be used at Pintxo, The Upstairs, and our two new bar-focused concepts coming soon in the Belltown neighborhood.  In addition to using these cards for regular dining and imbibing, you can use these gift cards for:

  • Our cooking classes
  • Restaurant/Bar buyouts
  • Offsite Catering: Weddings, milestone birthdays, anniversary celebrations
  • As a gift

You can purchase gift cards HERE 


Purchasing these gift cards allows us to run and operate our establishments the way we always have, as a family owned business without heavy handed investors.  Instead, you, the top-notch customers we serve every day are our investors.


These cards do not expire and can be used at any of our current and future locations.


When you purchase a gift card from us, not only are you rewarded with additional value, but you are helping us raise some of the funding we’ll need to expand our brand and design even more amenities and features into our restaurants.


We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our incredible customers and we hope you will continue to support us as we start our next adventure.


The Pintxo Family