Wine Wednesday Spotlight: A Very Special Albarino – Martin Codax 2011

Yay!  It’s Wine Wednesday again!  And, with it being Wine Wednesday, it’s time for us to feature one of our fantastic Spanish wines.

A lot of times red wines seem to steal the spotlight, especially where Spanish wines are concerned. After all, Spain’s Rioja region is known worldwide for producing some of the most amazing and unique reds. However, amazing reds aren’t all Spain has to offer. Because of this, we’ve chosen to feature a white this week in hopes of introducing wine lovers to a different selection and variety. Enter, the Albarino.

Albarinos are one of the more common and easily accessible Spanish wines, and for this reason, it’s a great introduction to the white wine offerings of Spain. This week’s wine feature is an Albarino from Rias Baixas called Martin Codax (2011).

What is an Albarino?
Albarino is the type of grape that is used when making the wine. So, when you read “albarino,” it means that the wine was made using an “albarino” grape.

Albarino are a green skinned grape variety that are native to a region along the North Atlantic coast of Spain, known as Galicia. In Rias Baixas (located in Galicia), albarino are so popular they make up approximately 90% of the total grapes planted in the region. As such, you’ll find a lot of different albarinos that come from the area.

The Varying Nature of Albarino Wines
One of the best and most intriguing parts about albarino wines are the many different flavors that they can produce. Depending on how they are aged, and the use of oak in the process, albarinos may be light, full bodied, and/or slightly sparkling. You can try a number of different albarinos and have a different experience each time. My personal favorite are those like the Martin Codax 2011 that have a slight sparkle to them. It’s a unique and fun quality for a white wine to have, which also makes it a great wine for an evening out. It offers something a little different from what you may typically be used to.

Albarino Characteristics
Although albarino grapes offer a variety of different characteristics to their wines, there are some typical characteristics of an albarino. Albarinos are fresh and lively wines, generally high in acidity, and aromatic and fruity in nature.

These characteristics make Albarinos a great wine to enjoy with seafood and other lighter proteins like chicken and pork.

Martin Codax Profile
The wine makers of Martin Codax provide this excellent profile for interested wine lovers. You can also find more information about this interesting and unique white through their website.
Vivid straw-yellow green colour with a touch of ripe lemon. Bright and slightly sparkling.

Intense and elegant aroma with hints of fresh herbs, green apples, citric fruits and grapefruit.

It is persistent, rounded and full-bodied, with a light petillance that gives the wine an impressive and vivacious sense of freshness.

Martin Codax and Tapas Pairings at Pintxo
While there really are no wrong wine and food pairings, this albarino really does go wonderfully with seafood. If you’re looking for a truly awesome experience, order a glass of Martin Codax with Pintxo’s Seafood Fideua or Steamed Mussels. The beautifully citric nature of Martin Codax, along with the dry finish, make these parings truly divine.