Wine Wednesday Spotlight: Ipsum 100% Verdejo (Rueda)

We’re so proud to announce that we have an assortment of new wines we’ll be debuting in the restaurant over the next month or so. We’re also setting to launch into a super cool spotlight on one of our favorite distilling companies, but I’ll save that for later. If you’re a big fan of Spanish wines, or just wines in general, stop in to taste some of the new wines we’ve added to the menu. One of which is Ipsum 100% Verdejo from the Rueda region of Spain. One reason why I love Ipsum is because it is another one of those Spanish whites that really show off the fact that Spain isn’t just a red wine country. If you follow our Wednesday spotlight blogs, my last white showcased was Martin Codax. If you didn’t see it, be sure to check it out and try a glass when you come in.

Remember that today is Wednesday, and here at Pintxo, that means $10 off all bottles of wine and cava! It’s a great way to taste some wine with friends, family, or your special Wednesday night date.

Now, onto the good stuff…

A Bit About Ipsum 100% Verdejo
Ipsum is produced by Bodegas Hermanos del Villar within the Rueda region. The wine is highly unique because it is un-oaked, which serves to bring out the natural flavors of the grapes, as well as the mineral identity of the wine. Additionally, the location of the vineyards where the verdejo grapes are grown and harvested serve to add to the aromas, acidity, and flavors that the wines produced here present.

What is a Verdejo?
As you may have already guessed, especially if you’ve been keeping up with Pintxo’s blog,verdejo is the type of grape used in the making of Ipsum. Verdejo grapes have a really cool history in Spain, and they are considered one of the highest quality grapes that Spain has to offer. This face may be surprising since the verdejo wasn’t always such a preferential grape. For hundreds of years, the verdejo remained fairly obscure, and it wasn’t until the last two decades of so that it really got any of the attention it so much deserves.

Today, verdejo grapes are Rueda’s primary grape of choice for growing, harvesting, and making into wine. The grape is so much loved that despite early worries of premature oxidation, Rueda winemakers developed new techniques for harvesting and fermentation in order to produce a high quality product with youthful freshness that truly represents the region.

This history, as well as how wonderful Ipsum tastes and pairs with most types of food really make it worth spotlighting. Tasting notes on this delicious and unique white are pulled from Ole

Pale yellow. High-pitched citrus fruit and floral aromas show good clarity. Dry and nervy, offering a refreshingly bitter quality to the taut lemon and lime flavors. Closes tight and precise, with resonating mineral and citrus zest notes.”

Ipsum Pairing Notes
I’ve said this before, there really is no wrong pairing. Wine goes great with everything! However, there are certain foods that specific wines really enhance, contrast, or otherwise push your dining experience over the top. It is for this reason that I like to have a little section on what current Pintxo items pair well with our Wednesday Spotlight wine.

Ipsum’s characteristics make it a perfect wine to pair with cheese, fish, white meat, and jamon (ham). Try a bottle (OK…or a glass) with:

Andalusian Chicken Skewer

A fine example of a pintxo! Chicken marinated in sherry vinegar, cumin, coriander, and saffron, and grilled a la plancha.

Serrano Montadito

Serrano jamon, manchego cheese, and salsa alicante. Served up on toasted baguette-like bread, and in a set of 3.

Palilldos de Pescado

Wild caught cod loin marinated in a sherry-paprika sauce, fried and served with aioli.