Dine Out for Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Tonight, May 23rd we will be donating 10% of our sales to NWIRP.

More information from the organizers:

Raise your fork and your glass! Let’s raise some cash!

The locally-owned businesses listed below have volunteered to donate a portion of sales to NW Immigrant Rights Project. Order dinner. Have a drink. Make a difference with your dollars.

NWIRP provides free high-quality representation to immigrants. They keep families together, protect people from violence and stand up to injustice. They also challenge and work to change unjust immigration policies affecting immigrants regionally & nationally.

Belltown Pizza 2422 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA98121
Pintxo 2207 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98121

Barrio -1420 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
Liberty 517 15th Ave. E Seattle, WA 98112
Pettirosso 1101 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122
Puro Lonchera 422 E. Pine St. Seattle, WA 98122
Vermillion-1508 11th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122

Oliver’s Twist-6822 Greenwood Ave. N Seattle, WA 98103

Oliver’s Twist-3217 W. McGraw Seattle, WA 98199

Heyday 1372 31st Ave. S. Seaattle, WA 98144

Zocalo 20 Occidental Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98104

Al’s Tavern-2303 N. 45th St. Seattle, WA 98103

Semana Del Vermut with Lacuesta Vermut & Rinomato Aperitivo



We are thrilled to work with our friends at Fasel Shenstone to bring you a week of Vermut and Aperitivo cocktails featuring Lacuesta vermut and Rinomato aperitif, “Semana Del Vermut”. We’ll be featuring these cocktails at a discounted price for the week. Stop in and check out theses delicious low ABV cocktails! After our move in mid-May, these cocktails will be added to our Summer Sippers list- perfect for patio imbibing.



Lacuesta vermut blanco, dry sparkling wine, grapefruit peel


Lacuesta vermut rojo, mezcal, Rinomato aperitivo, lemon peel (rested in a clay pot)


Lacuesta vermut rojo, gin, aperitivo, bitters, olive & orange peel


Rinomato aperitivo, grapefruit tonic, lemon wedge


Lacuesta vermut Reserva, slice of Manchego

More about our move and growth from Seattle Met

Thanks for spreading the work, Seattle Met 


New pintxo rrlowe

Pintxo’s papered-up windows on 4th Ave.

In Belltown the bar culture is big, but Pintxo’s current digs are not. With some dining space and just a handful of seats at the bar, owners Amanda and Cory Chigbrow knew their bustling tapas bistro had outgrown its small haunt on Second Ave. But for the Chigbrows, who’ve spent decades living around Belltown including above their very first restaurant, relocating within the neighborhood was a given.

Come early May, just in time for Pintxo’s seventh anniversary, it will reopen in a larger restaurant space at 2219 Fourth Ave. The Spanish-style tapas menu will remain much the same while adding a charcuterie station with cured meats—a good excuse to hand-shave slices of jamón for ogling diners. And with a bigger kitchen comes baked goods in the form of cocas, or Spanish flatbread, and churros.

More room brings seating for 40 at the bar alone, plus a private dining section for events. Yeah, there’s plenty of latitude here, which is ideal for those expanding with every bacon-wrapped date and bite of housemade wild boar chorizo, but also the reason the Chigbrows will open another bar in the same building.

Commonwealth will also call 2219 Fourth Ave home, though the entrance will be through the back alley off Bell Street, and will call upon Amanda’s Kentucky roots. “We are huge fans of bourbon whiskeys,” says the Kentuckian to no one’s surprise. What this means: a lot of said bourbon, plus craft cocktails with a southern twist, and a humble menu of southern small plates. “We love the idea of taking small plates, of what we do at Pintxo, and doing southern-style food that way,” she adds.

The menu still has a ways to go, but Amanda hints at perhaps a take on her mother’s fried chicken, “It is the best fried chicken I have ever had; she makes it the best.” As moms do. But alas, she won’t give up the recipe. As moms do.

At Commonwealth things will aim to skew more refined but every bit as comforting. It’s slated to open sometime this fall.

Meanwhile in Pintxo’s soon-to-be-former space, the Chigbrows will open Bar Abajo. It roughly translates to “bar below,” a nod at their bar The Upstairs that’s located exactly where you think it is. Inspired by their travels in Barcelona and around Spain, Bar Abajo will assume Pintxo’s Spanish atmosphere and will a focus on gin cocktails, cheese and charcuterie plates, marinated olives and almonds, and tinned seafood. Dig into a salty, smoky fish cured in olive oil with a crisp gin and tonic or bright, red sangria or something from the rotating slushy cocktail menu.

After a coat of paint, a changing of the tables, and some artwork hanging, Bar Abajo will open this spring or summer.

No websites are live quite yet, so keep tabs on relocations, updates, and openings at Pintxo’s Facebook page and Instagram.

Something for the Weekend, by Eater Seattle

Hey Eater! Thanks for the love. We love being included in your Something for the Weekend column!

Cocktails + Tapas + Paella = Weekend Magic

3 Places to Try in Seattle This Weekend


New Year’s Weekend




Join us for New Year’s Weekend at Pintxo! We’ll be serving up our regular dinner menu + Specials on Friday & Saturday night. Chef David and his team are preparing:




Suckling Pig

Slow roasted suckling pig from Pure Country Farms. Served with Moroccan lentils.

Kusshi Oysters 
Served on the half shell with cava mignonette.

Albondigas Con Salsa Tomate
Carlton Farms beef and pork-belly mix with our house-made Tomato/piquillo pepper sauce.

Monkfish Croquettas 
Monkfish and bechamel rolled into a ball and deep fried. Served with house-made Harissa aioli

Make your reservation for Friday or Saturday night HERE:
be sure to note: “Hello 2017” for a complimentary glass of Cava for each person in your party (21+ only)

SIP Northwest Magazine & Pintxo Paella

We were thrilled to have the folks form SIP Northwest attend our first Paella cooking class with Cory and Emelio. Check out what they had to say:


Become a Paellero at Pintxo’s Paella Cooking Classes
by Erin James
Sofrito : /soˈfɾito/ : noun

A flavor base, particularly in Spanish cooking, best known for paella.

Paellero: / pae-ye-ro / : noun
The person making the paella.

“In paella, we like making it here at the restaurant with a focus on sofrito,” says Cory Chigbrow, co-owner of Seattle Spanish tapas bar Pinxto. “We find it to be the heart and soul of the dish.”

In a paella cooking class on Monday night, seven of us ravenous students hovered over individual gas burners topped with individual mini paella pans, eager to hear what classified chef insight Chigbow and sous chef Emelio Sansone might leak. For Chigbrow and Sansone — who run the kitchen at this humble neighborhood joint that has held its location in the constantly revolving restaurant door of Belltown since 2010 — it all starts with the sofrito. Pintxo’s proprietary recipe, like many others, focuses on the slow-cooking of onion, garlic and canned tomato, plus sugar, spices and olive oil, a process that takes a minimum of an hour and deepens in flavor closer to three.

This paella series kicked off for the winter on Monday and is offered on select Monday nights in December, January and February, providing guests with a hands-off experience making one house paella and witnessing the production of another, plus recipes, wine and more wine.

With the strums of Rodrigo y Gabriela playing softly in the background, prepped ingredients were portioned on the table and we dug in on the recipe of mixta paella, a modern paella with chicken, shrimp, sausage and bacon. The gentle guidance of Chigbrow and colorful commentary from Sansone — my favorite was his rhyming rule of thumb for dicing ingredients: “if it looks the same, it cooks the same” — take attendees on a spirited tour through the true simplicity of the traditional Valencian dish.

Outside of the equal dices and sofrito, Sansone says his choice component is the broth. “Once you get the fundamentals, you can really layer on the flavors,” he adds. “Flavors will start resining and developing in the pan.”

A subtle master of one-liners, Chigbrow also offers up touchstone advice, like taping the end of the spoon in the pan while the paella is cooking down to check the rice. Since no stirring is allowed, this allows you to check the cooked condition of the rice: if you hear the metal, there’s still liquid in the dish that needs to cook down. If you hear a “dead,” dull sound, the rice is sticking to the bottom, crisping and nearly ready for eating.

My biggest takeaways from this class: there are no short cuts for sofrito, increasing quantities for a larger party is easy as the proportions typically scale up naturally, there is only one liquid addition (unlike risotto) and you must give it your all. “Go into every paella like it’s the best you’ve ever done,” Chigbrow instructs. “And then it will be.”

Whether or not manifesting your paella’s destiny truly makes a difference in the end, a solid recipe does. And you get two of those at Pintxo’s delicious and time-effective (we cooked, ate, bragged and laughed in just over two hours) course is $90, for more than enough paella to feed a small Castellón village. This bill also includes roughly two glasses of wine and a sherry tasting featuring the benchmark wines of Lustau from Spain’s famed Jerez region.

Paella is also prepared and plated by the two resident paelleros every Sunday, for $16 a plate until the restaurant runs out. The recipes range and flex with the seasons, with a full list of the 2017 year’s remaining menus found on Pintxo’s site.

Sangria Recipe



Sangria is a perfect cocktail year round.

Bring ours (and your) favorite sangria to your holiday event.  To make our Pintxo Sangria you’ll need 2 days, red wine, dry vermouth, oranges, rosemary and cinnamon.





Shopping List:

Inexpensive Spanish Red Wine. We love Flaco Tempranillo (under $8) available at The Paris-Madrid Grocery in Pike Place market

Spanish Dry Vermouth. We love the Yzaguirre Spanish Vermouth available at local high-end groceries and the Paris-Madrid Grocery.

1 medium orange, cut into slices.

1 cinnamon stick +  more for garnish

Simple syrup (equal parts hot water and granulated sugar)

Fresh rosemary Sprigs for garnish


Pour 1 bottle of wine, 4 oz of Vermouth, 1 and 1/4 oz of simple syrup, orange slices and 1 cinnamon stick into air tight container. Set in refridgator for 2 days before imbibing.

Pour over ice. Garnish with fresh cut oranges and a sprig of rosemary (pro tip: slap the sprig of rosemary between your hands before using as garnish. The pressure opens up the herb and releases the oils).

What to do with the rest of the dry vermouth? Drink it! Pour 3 oz over ice with a orange peel and a spring of rosemary + a splash of soda water. Or garnish with a thyme and a few crushed cranberries and fresh orange slices + a splash of cava or sparkling wine. What to eat with your Vermouth? Anything Spanish – olives, almonds, jamon, chorizo, canned fish, aioli and bread…

Cloudburst Brewing – Happy Little Clouds Lager



Hey Seattle Beer Fans! We’er excited to bring you a local, exclusive Lager from our friends at Cloudburst Brewing, located just on the cusp of Pike Place Market. Here at Pintxo, we’re all about what’s best   – that means using, local, small/family owned purveyors for food products, wine and beer!


A little note from the folks at Cloudburst:
“A Bob Ross inspired Dry-Hopped Pilsner
We believe everyday is a good day when you brew. Start out, by believing here. A little touch of pilsner malt here, a little push of German and American hops there, caressed very gently layer after layer after layer. There are no limits here.
5.2% abv, 32 IBUs”

It’s not easy to gain a place on our small tap system and we couldn’t be more honored to host Cloudburst Brewing’s, Happy Little Clouds Lager. It’s not avaiable in their tap room or, really, anywhere else in Belltown. Stop in for a schooner ($4 during Happy Hour). It’s light, floral and paris perfectly with our Crab stuffed piquillo peppers, Croquettes de jamon serrano and Black cod with beluga lentils.

International Sherry Week! November 7th-12th


Join us November 7th -12th for food pairings, sherry flights and sherry cocktails!

We are thrilled to participate in International Sherry Week! Our love for sherry runs deep – we first fell in love with the historic wine when we opened our doors in 2010 – a bit before sherry made its comeback in craft cocktails and on wine lists. We’ve been brining you some of our favorites over the years and can’t wait  to have these small-batch, independently crafted sherries on our list starting Nov 7th –  “The Almacenistas”.




A bit more about the beautiful Almacenistas line from Lustau:

“Almacenistas are independent professionals or entrepreneurs who have been historically producing and ageing Sherry. The love and care of Almacenista for their activity is shown in their limited Soleras of the finest and rarest Sherries. This Soleras are still operated by the original artisanal methods. Lustau was founded in 1896 as an Almacenista itself and has wanted to pay a tribute to this anonymous role in the Sherry trade by creating this very special range of Sherries.”


Introducing Seapine Brewing to our line-up!



Our tap system is small & we take our beer very seriously. It’s not easy to take over a handle. The incredible folks at Seapine Brewing are making the best IPA in the city. It pairs perfectly with our food – nicely balanced, grapefruit notes & a gorgeous color. Stop in for a caña & a plate of croquettes any nigh of the week! #spaininseattle