Spanish Cooking Classes


We are excited to announce more cooking classes in 2017!

Stay tuned for more information of classes with Chef Clay, Chef Emelio, and Chef David:

  • Sausages,Rillettes and Terrines with Chef Clay.  Learn grinding, stuffing and seasoning; seafood Rillettes; and ins and outs of a perfect terrine.
  • Savory dough class with Chef Emelio. Learn the science and love of a empanada, coca and savory cookie dough
  • Summer tapas class using local and seasonal vegetables and fruits with Chef David
  • Paella cooking classes with all three chefs and owner Cory Chigbrow


Winter and Spring Paella Cooking Class! Monday’s and Sunday’s beginning in November. (click to register). November 14th, December 5th/19th,  January 9th/23rd, February 6th/20th, March 12th, April 9th and May 7th.

Class Time: 6:30pm to 9pm (winter) 1pm-3pm (spring)

Up to 10 students/class

$90.00/person + Eventbrite transaction fee.


Classic includes:

  • Hands on paella cooking class from Pintxo’s paellero/owner Cory Chigbrow/Emelio Sansone and Sous Chef David Bush
  • Sherry tasting & education featuring Lustau sherry (Winter only)
  • Knife tutorial and hands-on knife skills (Spring only)
  • Recipes for sauces and paella
  • A shopping list of our favorite purveyors in Seattle and around the world.
  •  All cooking and food supplies are provided for the class instruction.

Students will cook on a small free standing burner & pan. The paellero will teach an almond based seafood paella & a tomato/garlic based land meat paella. You will learn the secrets to making a Spanish paella including spice mixes & sauce bases, hone your paella cooking instincts, learn more about the history of Spanish paella  and the components that make Spanish paella so delicious.

Paella supplies available for purchase at Pintxo (during classes) & via their website (starting in November). Pans, burners, paleta, spices, rice, stock & other must-have Spanish products.