Join Chef Emelio Sansone for a hands on paella cooking class.

Paella cooking class by Pintxo Seattle

February –  April 2019l |  noon to 2pm

Up to 12 students/class


All supplies are provided for the class. Supples  are also available for purchase after the class.

Tickets available via Eventbrite or in person at Pintxo.




Class includes:

  • Hands on paella cooking class from Pintxo’s paellero/owner Cory Chigbrow and/or Sous Chef Emelio Sansone
  • Knife skills tutorial and hands -on training with Pallero Emelio Sansone and Chef Brandon Waddell
  •  Recipes for sauces and paella.



Students willl cook on small free standing burner & pan (2 studets per pan). The paellero will teach a squid ink seafood paella. Students will cook a tomato/garlic based land meat & seafood paella. Students will learn the secrets to making a Spanish paella including spice mixes & sauce bases, hone your paella cooking instincts, learn more about the history of Spanish paella  and the components that make Spanish paella so delicious.

Paella supplies  for take-home are available for purchase at Pintxo (during classes).  Pans, burners, paleta, spices, rice, stock & other must-have Spanish Products.