Check Out Our New Cidres!

This last week we debuted our new list of cidres, two new Spanish cidres, and one delightful French cidre…just to shake things up!

We’ve always loved cidre here at Pintxo, so expanding our cidre offerings was a natural decision for us. The trouble came in choosing what cidres to choose, and whether to keep our cidre offerings all Spanish, or showcase a couple of our favorites from other areas. We settled on the latter and decided that in addition to adding two new Spanish cidres, we’d keep our current American cidre selection, and add another representation of Europe, a lovely French cidre.

Our Cidre Offerings:
Crispin Hard Cider 333ml (Colfax, CA)
Duche de Longueville 750ml (Normandie, FR)
Bereziartua 750ml (Asturias, ES)
Sopena 750ml (Asturias, ES)
Val D’Ornon 700ml (Asturias, ES)

You’ll notice that the American cider (Crispin) is a typical bottle size, whereas the French and Spanish cidres are larger sizes. These bottles can be shared between friends or dates, or just enjoyed alone. It’s one of the best parts about these cidres! Having a table full of tapas and sharing a cidre is what Spanish dining is all about! It’s definitely a taste of Spanish living, and it couples amazingly with the Seattle spring weather.

For another side of cidre, we also use our Sopena to cook with! Try the Choricitos a la Miel for a unique taste and spin on cidre.
Choricitos a la Miel: Mini chorizos in a Spanish cidre and honey reduction

Other menu items that our cidres will pair well with:
Chuletas de Cordero: Tender lamb chops grilled medium, served with a sous-vide potato mash and chimichuri

Rice Morcilla: Pork and rice blood sausage seared, sprinkled with sea salt, and served with a pineapple chutney

Andalusian Chicken Skewers: Chicken skewers in a sherry vinegar, cumin, corriander, and saffron marinade, grilled on the plancha.

If you didn’t see our Facebook or Twitter post, check out this fun blog from @cidermonger on cidres from around the world. This particular page features our new cidre Bereziartua.