Catering Menu

Pintxo catering menu is available for pick-up, delivery, on-site and full service catering. Please see our catering options for minimums and details. Pintxo does not off our dinner service menu to-go.


PINTXO – $4.00/head, 2 pintxos/head

Gilda – Vinegar and oil cured anchovy, piparra pepper, and spicy manzanilla olive

Pulpo – Oil cured octopus, piquillo pepper, manzanilla olive

Membrillo – Quince paste, marinated manchego, arugula

Choricitos – 2 Mini cured chorizo sausage with honey, Basque cider, sea salt

Bacon Wrapped Dates – 1 Medjool dates stuffed with Spanish goat cheese, and wrapped in bacon

MONTADITOS – $5.00/head, 1 toast/head

Pork or Trout Rillettes – Served up with seasonal compote or pickled vegetables

Serrano – Serrano ham, manchego cheese, and fresh tomato and garlic salsa

Queso de Cabra (v, g/f) – Spanish goat cheese, fresh thyme, rosemary, mint and honey

Tapenade (v, g/f) – Spanish olives, anchovy, garlic, and piquillo pepper

Soft Boiled Egg and Boquerone – Locally sourced soft boiled egg, Boquerone, espellete and aioli.

MEDIA RACIONES – $8.00/head

Mushroom and Squash (v, g/f) – Confit local mushrooms with roasted Delicata squash

Mongeta Catalana (v, g/f)-  Confit tuna loin, white beans, celery, shallots, fresh herbs, and sherry vinaigrette. Hold the tuna for a vegan option.

Churrasco Pork– Carlton Farms Pork shoulder braised and seared on the plancha, served with mojo rojo and mojo verde sauces.

Beef Cheeks– PX Braised  locally sourced beef cheeks, served with parsnip, potato and scallion  puree.

Crab Stuffed Piquillo Pepper – Smoky and sweet piquillo peppers stuffed with fresh crab salad made with house-made creme fraiche and fresh herbs.  1 pepper/head

House-made Wild Boar Chorizo – house-made wild boar chorizo. 1 link/head served with pickled vegetables.


Whole Hog/Suckling Pig  – $25.00/head

We source our hogs from local farms that are raised ethically, homorne and antibiotic free. The hog is cooked in our restaurant and  brought to the catering event. Hogs range in size from 15-80#.

SIMPLE SALAD – $4.00/head (v, g/f)
Mixed local greens, heirloom carrots, radish, house-made sherry vinegarette, Flor de Sal, and manchego curls

TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA (v, g/f) –  $40.00 each

12 inch tortilla
Serves up to 16 people
Served with artichoke aioli

Dark Chocolate Torte, Gluten Free (v/ g/f) –  $45.00 each. 

12 inch chocolate torte made with Spanish dark chocolate and macrona almond crust. Lavender powdered sugar.


EXTRAS – $3.00/head

Olives – Olive oil marinated Spanish olives

Almonds – Marcona almonds

Mojo Rojo,  $10/pint – house made red sauce with, house-made harissa, peppers, tomato. Rich, smoky, spicy

Mojo Verde $10/pint– House-made green sauce made with fresh herbs, swainish olive oil and garlic

Aioli $10/pint – garlic, egg and spanish olive oil. Options are:

  • traditional
  • artichoke
  • harissa