Our Visit to King 5 & New Day Northwest!

Today the Pintxo staff had the opportunity to be guests on New Day Northwest with host Margaret Larson.  King 5 launched their new daily deal site, Yollar.com, with Pintxo as the first featured partner.  Pintxo is now offering an unbeatable deal of $25 for a three course Prix Fixe Dinner and Dessert for two!. In honor of Pintxo and Yollar.com partnering for a deal, the lucky studio audience received a demonstration on how to prepare Bacon Wrapped Dates and Tosta de Baquerones!

We arrived about an hour before the show started (the show has about a half hour tape delay) and Chef Kate went straight to the prep kitchen, where she prepared the ingredients for the tasty dishes.

Once the dishes were prepared, it was time for a but of touch up makeup and hair – just to make sure Chef Kate was camera ready.

After a few minutes, we met Bekky, a producer for the show. She led Chef Kate to the set kitchen, gave her show instructions and last minute details.

After a microphone was attached to Kate, she had a few minutes to sit and take a breath before she was called to the stage. Cory, Pintxo’s owner, wished her a last minute Good Luck!

The show started off with a bang, literally.  The New Day staff spent hours making a giant megaphone filled with confetti to celebrate the debut of Yollar.com.  Whenever Margaret yelled, “Yollar!” into the megaphone the audience responded, “What’s the Deal?!?” (Here’s a photo of it backstage.)

Finally it was time for Chef Kate to take the stage!! Chef Kate started by showing how to make the Bacon Wrapped Dates and used her “magical TV oven” to instantly show the finished product. Margaret then ran the yummy dates into the audience and a few lucky members were able to sample the dish!

Next Chef Kate went to work showing how to prepare the Tosta de Baquerones, featuring anchovies. Margaret took a quick poll of the audience and found most were in favor of anchovies (though, there were a few grumbles from members with less discerning palates – anchovies are awesome!)  An audience member was able to sample that dish, too. His review, “Delicious!”

Thanks so much New Day Northwest and host Margaret Larson. We had so much fun today!!

Pintxo on New Day NW!

Tosta de Boquerones
We’re excited to announce that Pintxo will be on King 5’s New Day Northwest on Tuesday, January 26.  Tune in at 11:00am to see Chef Kate teach the audience how to make one of our tasty dishes, Tosta de Boquerones!  We’ll even be giving away a special treat to every audience member!

If you miss it, we promise to post the segment and some fun behind the scenes shots tomorrow!!

Pintxo’s Happy Hour featured on The FHR Radio Show!

The FHR Radio Show chose Pintxo as the happy hour of the week! Mario, from the FHR, sat down with Cory Chigbrow, owner of Pintxo, to talk about all about Pintxo!

Mario tries many happy hour dishes, including the Quail Eggs on Toast, Tortilla Espanola, Pork Sliders and our famous Bacon Wrapped Dates. He even tries a few of our signature cocktails!

The show aired Sunday, December 19, but if you weren’t able to hear it live you can catch the podcast here!

Pintxo is the home of Belltown’s best happy hour. Happy hour is everyday from 4-6pm and 10pm-Close and features half off the printed menu, $4.50 Sangria & Wells, $3 Estrella and $2 Sessions!

Teaser Video & Pics

On Tuesday night we had a small private party here at Pintxo.  This is a great way for our staff to learn the kitchen, bar and just gain experience without it being overwhelming.  In addition, our friends are usually pretty good about not holding back how they feel about a particular dish.

It’s even more fun when your friends are professional photographers and videographers!  Because then you get to show off pictures and video like the ones posted below.

Thank you Curt for the amazing shots! And thank you Luuvu for your teaser video!



Pintxo Opening Delayed

As some of you may know, we were scheduled to open our doors today.  Due to bureaucratic circumstances, we will be missing our target opening date.  Unfortunately, the transfer from Txori to Pintxo was not as timely as we had originally hoped.

There is a bright side to this delay!  We have some extra time to seek out the finest local farms, bakeries, florists and suppliers that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  We feel so lucky to have such an abundance of fresh, local, sustainable ingredients right in our backyard!

We will be using social media and events to allow our customers to get a “behind the scenes” look, in order to truly see and experience the people who run our local farms, community supported agricultural programs, bakeries and even the Pintxo staff.  We will also give Twitter followers and Facebook fans invites to pre-opening special events that include tastings and friends/family night.

We cannot wait to share our vision with you!  For the latest updates, follow us on Twitter @PintxoSeattle, or on Facebook at Facebook.com/PintxoSeattle.

From Bytes to Bites: Txori Reboots as Pintxo

We are excited to announce our opening!  Here is our first press release!

(Seattle, WA) At 5pm on April 23, 2010 PINTXO will officially open their doors to the public. Occupying the prior Txori space, Pintxo will continue the tradition of serving quality San Sebastian style tapas in the heart of Belltown.

“Food at its best is always a social activity,” says C.J, Chaney, one of Pintxo’s co-owners. “Tapas by its nature encourages that type of interaction.”

“Tapas, and specifically Basque pintxos, are really the tweets of food,” added Cory Chigbrow, Pintxo’s other co-owner.

It should come as no surprise that both see their latest venture through the lens of social media: the two met while working at MySpace where they both were self-professed fans of the Pintxo’s predecessor Txori.

“I think it was their uncompromising devotion to quality that initially got me hooked,“ said Chaney recalling his first experience at Txori.

“Eating there the first time I got that thrill of something new. New flavors. New ingredients. New preparations. It was like trying sushi for the first time,” said Chigbrow.

When the opportunity to acquire Txori arose, the pair couldn’t resist. Both see Pintxo as an evolution of Txori, taking it to the next level. “When we first started talking with Carolin [Messier] (Txori’s owner) we found that a lot of the ideas we have for our concept were the exact same things she had wanted to do but wasn’t able to. In a way it’s a lot like a reboot or almost like Txori 2.0,” said Chaney.

The menu, made up primarily of delicious bite sized morsels with fresh local ingredients, has been designed specifically for sharing and encouraging social interactions. Even the cozy space itself reflects this social philosophy. Patrons can easily strike up conversations with the friendly cooks behind the bar to get the inside scoop on the day’s specials or lean over to a nearby table for recommendations on the next round of tapas.

The pair plan to continue using their expertise in online social media to offer specials and exclusives to their followers on Twitter (http://twitter.com/pintxoseattle) and fans on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pintxoseattle). “There’s nothing like walking into a place and actually knowing the owners. With social media, we can get to know our patrons better, in a real two-way relationship, that just wasn’t possible before,” said Chigbrow.

“As local Belltown residents we plan on using social media to really promote a wide variety of Pintxo based community events,” said Chaney. When asked if there would be a resurrection of the Belltown Running of the Bulls event originally put on by Txori, Chaney just shrugged knowingly.

The duo plan on expanding lunch to include catering for local businesses and residents. “If you had a choice between a chorizo bocadillo (a basque sandwich) made with fresh local ingredients or Subway which would you choose?” questioned Chigbrow with a smile.

For the late night crowd they want Pintxo to be the place in Belltown you can escape to get a cocktail and actually hear the conversation you’re having while being able to order quality food. “After 10pm, too many places in Belltown only offer you one of the three. Our customers are going to get all of the above,” said Chaney.

There is also whispering of a weekend brunch. “Basque is such a rich cuisine that offers so much more than just tapas. I know I could’ve used Chorizo, eggs and potatoes on more than a few Sunday mornings,” said Chigbrow.

“Obviously we want to keep everything that worked with Txori, such as the quality of ingredients and especially the service,” said Chigbrow. A top-notch staff with a passion for the food and drink they’re serving is key to the new restaurant’s success while also honoring Txori fans. “For the uninitiated, Basque food can sometimes be intimidating with all the unfamiliar names and ingredients. Our staff is there to help new customers get into the flow while offering suggestions for the more advanced folks,” added Chaney. “We want our customers to have that Apple Store experience but in a restaurant/bar.”

About Pintxo
Pintxo will specialize in San Sebastian style pintxos. San Sebastian is the 3rd largest city in Spain’s Basque country. It is located on the north coast of Spain and is known internationally for their unique take on Tapas, the pintxo.

Pintxo will be located at 2207 2nd Avenue Seattle WA 98121 and opening on April 23, 2010 at 5pm.


  • Daily: 11am – 1am
  • Lunch: 11am – 3pm
  • Snacks: 3pm – 5pm
  • Dinner: 5pm – 10pm
  • Snacks: 10pm – 1am