A Mid-Week Pick Me Up Brought to You By Columna Albarino!

Wednesday evening is a wonderful time! It’s that hopeful time where we begin to see an end to the work week in sight, and start making plans for an epic weekend. This mid work-week change in mindset is celebrated here at Pintxo with Wine Wednesdays, where we open up our wine cabinets and offer all wine and cava bottles for $10.00 off. It’s our way of helping you through your week, patting you on the back for several hard days of work, and pushing you forward into the two remaining days before the glorious weekend.

While we have a decent sized menu packed with Spanish reds, whites, and cavas, we’ve chosen this week to feature an albarino called Columna. It’s a great 100% albarino from the Rias Baixas region of Spain. This is located in Galicia, where seafood reigns supreme as daily fare. To pair with the vast amounts of both fresh and canned seafoods consumed in this area, nothing is better than an albarino. In fact, albarino grapes, are hailed as the queen of all Galicia’s 200+ varieties.

Columna is a prime example of a great albarino, even with its design to be slightly out of the mold. Columna makes for a perfect summer wine. It offers aromas of fresh melon and tangerine, is light-bodied, and features flavors of honeydew and citrus, with a gentle saltiness. The finish on Columna is tangy from hints of orange, and long. Critics have noted a slight, but very refreshing bitterness at the end.

If you’re in for something new and exciting, and something that pairs wonderfully with summertime seafoods, Columna is a perfect choice. It’s also a really unique little albarino, thanks to its 100% unoaked style! And, what better day to enjoy it than a Wednesday when wines are $10 off? Better still, the sun in shining in Seattle and our front and back patios are open to compliment this beautiful weather.

Don’t forget we also have Happy Hour today (and everyday) from 5pm to 7pm, featuring great drink specials like $2 Estrella bottles and $8 1/2L. Sangria pitchers, as well as $3.75 bacon wrapped dates. Yum!!

Wine Wednesday with El Petit Carlania

Wine Wednesday is back at Pintxo, and we’re happy to feature a new wine for you to come in and try. For those of you that don’t already know, Wine Wednesday here at Pintxo means that every bottle of wine and cava is $10.00 off. Not only does this give our Seattle friends and family a little perk to get them through their week (which we love doing!), it also gives you a chance to try out a bottle of something new, and a little incentive to do it. We have a great selection of wines both by bottle and glass pour, but some of our coolest new reds are by the bottle only. So, if you’re a fan of Spanish reds, Wine Wednesday might just be what your Wednesday evening needs.

This week we’re putting a special spotlight on a new bottle of wine, the El Petit Carlania ’12 100% Trepat.

What is a Trepat?
As with all wines, labeling the wine a “100% Trepat” means that the wine is made from that particular variety of grape. In the case of El Petit Carlania, the wine is crafted with Trepat grapes. Trepats are a variety of red Spanish grapes that are grown mainly in the Conca de Barbera and Costers de Segre DO of Catalonia, in Spain.

El Petit Carlania
While commonly used in the production of blended rose style wines, El Petit Carlania is crafted as a nice garnet red, with aromas of pomegranite, spices, and red petals. It is slightly spicy on the palate, and finishes fresh and dry. The wine is crafted from 50 year old vines, and all the grapes that go into this lovely bottle of wine are organically farmed from the Els Corrals vineyards. To maintain the quality of the grape, El Petit Carlania’s producers pick grapes by hand in 20kg cases, and then macerate the grapes on the skins for 15 days, giving El Petit Carlania its unique flavor.

Try El Petit Carlania with our Moroccan Chickpeas or a plate of Serrano Montadito.

Moroccan Chickpeas: Chickpeas with sauteed spinach, tomato, onions, golden raisins, and cinnamon

Serrano Montadito: Serrano ham, manchego cheese, and salsa alicante, served on top of baguette style toast (ordered in sets of 3)

Find out more about the vineyards and organic farming techniques HERE. And, once you’re done with your research, head over and enjoy a bottle with a friend or date for an enticing $10 off! We have our front and back patios open all weekend to soak up the sun, so make a reservation to safe yourself a spot!

MIRO is ending soon! Check it out before it’s over!

Remember in February when we released a blog about the Seattle Art Museum’s MIRO exhibition? No? Well, you can catch it HERE.

MIRO is ending May 26th, so we just wanted to drop a reminder that we’re still offering 20% off dinner for those that bring in their MIRO ticket stubs. This is a fantastic show by Spanish artist Joan Miro, so make a night of it! Enjoy Spanish art over at SAM and then head to Pintxo for a tasty Spanish meal. Be sure to try our new pork cheeks, and pair them with some super spring calcots seared on the plancha and served with fresh carrot romesco. Since the weather is so great, you can even enjoy dinner out on the front patio if you’d like!

For more information on SAM’s MIRO exhibit, check out their website.

Check Out Our New Cidres!

This last week we debuted our new list of cidres, two new Spanish cidres, and one delightful French cidre…just to shake things up!

We’ve always loved cidre here at Pintxo, so expanding our cidre offerings was a natural decision for us. The trouble came in choosing what cidres to choose, and whether to keep our cidre offerings all Spanish, or showcase a couple of our favorites from other areas. We settled on the latter and decided that in addition to adding two new Spanish cidres, we’d keep our current American cidre selection, and add another representation of Europe, a lovely French cidre.

Our Cidre Offerings:
Crispin Hard Cider 333ml (Colfax, CA)
Duche de Longueville 750ml (Normandie, FR)
Bereziartua 750ml (Asturias, ES)
Sopena 750ml (Asturias, ES)
Val D’Ornon 700ml (Asturias, ES)

You’ll notice that the American cider (Crispin) is a typical bottle size, whereas the French and Spanish cidres are larger sizes. These bottles can be shared between friends or dates, or just enjoyed alone. It’s one of the best parts about these cidres! Having a table full of tapas and sharing a cidre is what Spanish dining is all about! It’s definitely a taste of Spanish living, and it couples amazingly with the Seattle spring weather.

For another side of cidre, we also use our Sopena to cook with! Try the Choricitos a la Miel for a unique taste and spin on cidre.
Choricitos a la Miel: Mini chorizos in a Spanish cidre and honey reduction

Other menu items that our cidres will pair well with:
Chuletas de Cordero: Tender lamb chops grilled medium, served with a sous-vide potato mash and chimichuri

Rice Morcilla: Pork and rice blood sausage seared, sprinkled with sea salt, and served with a pineapple chutney

Andalusian Chicken Skewers: Chicken skewers in a sherry vinegar, cumin, corriander, and saffron marinade, grilled on the plancha.

If you didn’t see our Facebook or Twitter post, check out this fun blog from @cidermonger on cidres from around the world. This particular page features our new cidre Bereziartua.

Seattle Weekly’s VORACIOUS is this Thursday!

From Seattle Weekly

From Seattle Weekly

Do you have your tickets to Voracious yet?

Both Pintxo and our sister bar The Upstairs are participating in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious Food Awards and Tasting Awards!  We’re super excited to be part of this awesome event.  The event features an open bar, free food samples, and live music.  Pintxo and The Upstairs will have booths right next to each other, and will feature a couple cocktails from each space, and Pintxo will be bringing several tasty bites!  You won’t want to miss this event, and we’d love to see you there!

Get your tickets HERE!  General Admission is $50, VIP is $90.  There will be over 60 fantastic local restaurants showing off their food and drinks, including Poquitos, Rob Roy, Los Chilangos, Tanaka San, Skillet, Collections Café, Shanik, Contigo, Snout & Co., Jemil’s Big Easy, and lots more!

Key Info:
Location: Paramount Theater
Date: Thurs. April 24th
Time: 7:30pm to 10pm


Pintxo and Women for WineSense Team Up for a Sherry Tasting and Dinner 4/23!

The Seattle Chapter of Women For WineSense
Invites You To Experience
A Sherry Dinner
With Karla Kilgore of Classical Wines

When: Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014, 6:30pm
Where: Pintxo 2207 2nd Avenue Seattle, Washington

Get ready for a unique taste experience with Women For WineSense! Karla Kilgore, of Classical Wines, is partnering with Pintxo restaurant to bring us a multi-course Sherry pairing dinner, featuring Bodegas Hidalgo-La Gitana Sherries. The history of Sherry goes back over 3,000 years, when the vines for the grapes were brought to the Jerez region of southwest Spain by the early Phoenicians. In the centuries that followed, empires and civilizations, kings and merchants influenced its development. But Karla’s inspiration in bringing us this event was a recent milestone in the recognition for this ancient beverage. For the first time, Wine Spectator Magazine included a Sherry in their top 100 list, coming in at #32. We thank her for giving us this opportunity!

Pintxo is the perfect spot to host our dinner. This small, family owned restaurant is dedicated to creating Spanish inspired tapas from locally sourced ingredients. The menu they designed for us highlights the bright, vibrant flavors of their cuisine. Perfectly paired with a selection of Sherries from Karla’s collection, the dinner promises to give us a rare chance to step out of the usual and experiment for an evening!

Please note that although this is a Women for WineSense event, anyone and everyone over 21 years of age is welcome to come and enjoy this evening of fine sherries, fine food, and wonderful company!

The Menu
Sherry Selection: La Gitana Manzanilla
Food Pairing: Crab stuffed piquillo pepper. Fire smoked piquillo pepper stuffed with hand cracked Dungeness crab salad

Sherry Selection: Napoleon Amontillado
Food Pairing: Moroccan Chickpeas with tomato, golden raisins, onions and spinach

Sherry Selection: Wellington Palo Cortado VOS
Food Pairing: Serrano Ham and Macrona almond plate

Sherry Selection: Faraon Oloroso
Food Pairing: Rice Morcilla toast with pineapple chutney

Sherry Selection: Alameda Cream
Food Pairing: Andalusia Chicken Skewer. Marinated in sherry vinegar, cumin, coriander and saffron marinade. Grilled on the Placha

Sherry Selection: Triana PX
Food Selection: Assorted Cheese Plate

Booking Your Seat
The cost for the evening is $62.00 for members, $69.00 for nonmembers.

Paying By Card
To RSVP and pay by credit card go to REGISTER NOW.
*Note the registration system charges a $3.00 processing fee for nonmembers to pay by credit card.

Paying By Check
To RSVP and pay by check, email me at wwsseattle@yahoo.com or call me at 425-882-1621. Your check must be received 3 days after your RSVP is made. After that time your seat will be released. Mail your check to me (made out to Seattle Women For WineSense) at Terese Flaherty-Vaniman, 6910 Old Redmond Rd. #G 120, Redmond, WA, 98052.

Please note that this is a non-refundable event. All attendees must be 21+.

The Story Behind No.3 London Dry Gin’s Name and Bottle Design

ANGLED dark HR No3No. 3 London Dry Gin not only comes from a great 300 year history, it also has meaning behind both its name and bottle design.

The name No.3 comes from the address on St. James street in London at which this London Dry Gin is distilled.  This location has been the home of he distilling company since 1698!  The makers of No.3, Berry Bros. & Rudd is the oldest wine and spirits merchant in London, so their product comes with the experience and refined taste of good ol’ fashioned know-how.  In fact, over the centuries, 3 St. James St has been no stranger to visits from famous faces, boasting visitors like Lord Byron.

The Bottle

The key that adorns every bottle of No.3 isn’t just there to look cool, it too has a story behind it.  Just as the name was taken from the distillery and shop address, the key design was chosen based on the lock on the door to The Parlour.

The Parlour is an essential room of the No.3 shop, and is sometimes known as the No.3 Inner Sanctum.  It is the oldest room in the shop, and because of this history, it is regarded as a room that holds both the tradition of Berry Bros. & Rudd, as well as the history.  A symbol of this so appropriately placed on No.3’s bottle tells us just how carefully No.3 is crafted, the pride that goes into it, and the authority with which this London Dry Gin was released to the public.

More on No. 3

For a more in-depth look at No.3, check out this video of David Clutton talking about No.3, about the distilling process, about the botanicals that go into it, and a little about the story behind it.

Clutton is a trained chemist, turned distiller, and member of the No.3 team.  He has worked extensively with a number of reputable spirits companies, including some of the oldest names in London Dry Gin.  Berry Bros. & Rudd note that “The quality and the ‘taste of tradition’ of No.3 London Dry Gin are due to David’s skill.”  The video is well worth a look!

 If you missed our first post on No.3 London Dry Gin, check it out.  Each week in April we’re featuring a different Anchor Distilling product we love.  We’re hoping to spread the word about Anchor, as well as the incredible line of products they offer.  Check back each week for new blogs, videos, and recipes using the featured spirits; and as always, feel free to drop us a line with questions, comments, and inspiration.  Being a part of our community is really important to us, so hearing from all of you is key to what we do here.

Crafted From 300 Years of Experience: No. 3 London Dry Gin

No. 3 Provided by Anchor Distilling

No. 3 Provided by Anchor Distilling

No. 3 London Dry Gin is crafted from the proprietary recipe of Berry Bros. & Rudd, an authority in the world of spirits, offering 300 years of experience, and a stellar reputation. With such vast history, we’re intrigued to dip in and find out more…

Berry Bros. & Rudd is the oldest wine and spirits merchant in London, bringing tons of experience and expertise to the table.  No.3 was developed according to the principles of London Dry Gin, which was first established in the 1830s as a counter to sweet gin  which had somewhat fallen out of favor.  London Dry Gin is best known for its juniper forward approach to gin, and No.3 is true to this principle.  What makes No.3 more unique is the simple 3 ingredient and 3 botanical blend that goes into each and every bottle.

No.3 London Dry Gin Ingredients:

Dried juniper berries

Dried juniper berries

-Spanish Orange Peel
-Grapefruit Peel

No.3 London Dry Gin Botanicals:
-Angelica Root
-Moroccan Coriander

The result of this simple, but effective blend is a gin that both celebrates the traditions of London Dry Gin, while adding to it a citrusy zing and a slightly peppery flavor, warm bite, and aromatic nose.

Geraldine Coats, the author of The Mixellany Guide to Gin, and the founder of GinTime.com wrote of No.3:

“On the nose there’s an instant and welcome hit of piney juniper with citrus and coriander very evident. In the mouth the juniper develops into a crispness nicely balanced by a soft spiciness. A classic.”

Why We Love No.3 London Dry Gin at Pintxo
No3LogoFirst off, we love a good gin. Simply put, No.3 is a good gin! But, there is more to our choice of No.3 than just that. No.3 London Dry Gin blends two ingredients into their gin that we just love: Spanish orange peel, and Moroccan Coriander. And aside from just using these ultra delicious ingredients, No.3 showcases them and blends them in such a way as to compliment both the gin, and the cocktail that is being made with it.

To really take in the flavors of No.3 we recommend having your first taste of it with our house-made tonic, and with the accents of dried juniper berries and limes. When you’re feeling a bit bolder, grab a No.3 served up. Simon Berry, the Chairman of Berry Bros. & Rudd claims that he and the distillers would like to see No.3 as the “last word in Gin for a Dry Martini.” We’re inclined to encourage that goal.

Stayed tuned for more on No.3 London Dry Gin! Not only does the gin have a great story, the name and the bottle do too! You didn’t think I’d skip that, did you? It’s coming up in our next post this Thursday!

Wine Wednesday Spotlight: Ipsum 100% Verdejo (Rueda)

We’re so proud to announce that we have an assortment of new wines we’ll be debuting in the restaurant over the next month or so. We’re also setting to launch into a super cool spotlight on one of our favorite distilling companies, but I’ll save that for later. If you’re a big fan of Spanish wines, or just wines in general, stop in to taste some of the new wines we’ve added to the menu. One of which is Ipsum 100% Verdejo from the Rueda region of Spain. One reason why I love Ipsum is because it is another one of those Spanish whites that really show off the fact that Spain isn’t just a red wine country. If you follow our Wednesday spotlight blogs, my last white showcased was Martin Codax. If you didn’t see it, be sure to check it out and try a glass when you come in.

Remember that today is Wednesday, and here at Pintxo, that means $10 off all bottles of wine and cava! It’s a great way to taste some wine with friends, family, or your special Wednesday night date.

Now, onto the good stuff…

A Bit About Ipsum 100% Verdejo
Ipsum is produced by Bodegas Hermanos del Villar within the Rueda region. The wine is highly unique because it is un-oaked, which serves to bring out the natural flavors of the grapes, as well as the mineral identity of the wine. Additionally, the location of the vineyards where the verdejo grapes are grown and harvested serve to add to the aromas, acidity, and flavors that the wines produced here present.

What is a Verdejo?
As you may have already guessed, especially if you’ve been keeping up with Pintxo’s blog,verdejo is the type of grape used in the making of Ipsum. Verdejo grapes have a really cool history in Spain, and they are considered one of the highest quality grapes that Spain has to offer. This face may be surprising since the verdejo wasn’t always such a preferential grape. For hundreds of years, the verdejo remained fairly obscure, and it wasn’t until the last two decades of so that it really got any of the attention it so much deserves.

Today, verdejo grapes are Rueda’s primary grape of choice for growing, harvesting, and making into wine. The grape is so much loved that despite early worries of premature oxidation, Rueda winemakers developed new techniques for harvesting and fermentation in order to produce a high quality product with youthful freshness that truly represents the region.

This history, as well as how wonderful Ipsum tastes and pairs with most types of food really make it worth spotlighting. Tasting notes on this delicious and unique white are pulled from Ole

Pale yellow. High-pitched citrus fruit and floral aromas show good clarity. Dry and nervy, offering a refreshingly bitter quality to the taut lemon and lime flavors. Closes tight and precise, with resonating mineral and citrus zest notes.”

Ipsum Pairing Notes
I’ve said this before, there really is no wrong pairing. Wine goes great with everything! However, there are certain foods that specific wines really enhance, contrast, or otherwise push your dining experience over the top. It is for this reason that I like to have a little section on what current Pintxo items pair well with our Wednesday Spotlight wine.

Ipsum’s characteristics make it a perfect wine to pair with cheese, fish, white meat, and jamon (ham). Try a bottle (OK…or a glass) with:

Andalusian Chicken Skewer

A fine example of a pintxo! Chicken marinated in sherry vinegar, cumin, coriander, and saffron, and grilled a la plancha.

Serrano Montadito

Serrano jamon, manchego cheese, and salsa alicante. Served up on toasted baguette-like bread, and in a set of 3.

Palilldos de Pescado

Wild caught cod loin marinated in a sherry-paprika sauce, fried and served with aioli.

Lustau Sherry Tasting Event This Tuesday!

We’re proud to announce that we’re hosting a Lustau sherry tasting event here at Pintxo this Tuesday night!  This special event is open to the public, and we welcome anyone and everyone to stop by to enjoy our featured Lustau sherry flight and some tasty tapas specially selected to pair perfectly with each one! 

Lustau Los Arcos Amontillado

To sweeten the pot, we also have a very special guest flying in from Jerez, Spain. The Spanish Lustau rep will be here to hang out with us, drink some sherry, enjoy some tasty tapas, and share a bit of information on Lustau, their sherry offerings, some history on sherry and sherry making, and answer any questions you may have. This is a great opportunity to taste sherry if you’ve never had it, or expand upon your current knowledge if you’re already a sherry drinker. It also makes for a great date night idea!

If you’re interested in taking part in this awesome event, make a reservation through our online Open Table reservation system, or call the restaurant directly. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, if you’re interested in experiencing this wonderful sherry tasting event from our fully heated and enclosed atrium, be sure to mention your preference! This is available on a first come, first served basis, so jump on it quickly!

Feel free to call or email (Jaimie@PintxoSeattle.com) with questions or assistance planning your night with us. We look forward to seeing you all!

More Information on Sherry and Food Offerings
Please note that we are offering our full menu all night long. The selections below are those that were specially selected to perfectly pair with the sherry that we’re offering. However, you are more than welcome to select anything from our normal menu as well.

Sherry: Manzanilla Papirusa (Sanlúcar de Barrameda) Pairs well with:
Crab stuffed Piquillo Peppers
Tortilla Española (artichoke and rinsed red onion)
Castelvetrano Olives

Sherry: Fino Jarana (Jerez de la Frontera) Pairs well with:
Serrano and Almond plate
Ensalada Verde

Sherry: Amontillado los Arcos Pairs well with:
Asparragus “Snowed In”
Morrocan Chickpeas (best for 2)
Seafood Fideua (best for 2)
Andalusian Chicken Skewers

Sherry: Oloroso Don Nuño Pairs well with:
Rice Morcilla with sea salt and finishing oil
Chuletas de Cordero (lamb chops ala plancha with parsley pistu.

Sherry: PX San Emilio Pairs well with:
Assorted Cheese Plate